Taking on this role improves critical thinking, confidence and public speaking skills. Every speaker is a role model and club members learn from one another’s speeches.

As a Meeting Speaker you,

  • Prepare, rehearse and present a speech during the club meeting.
  • Arrive early to make sure the microphone, lectern and lighting are working and in place.
  • Discuss your goals, strengths and weaknesses with your evaluator prior to giving your speech.

During the Week, Prior to the Meeting:

  • Enter your Speech Title and Objective on easy-Speak.com so it is properly listed on the agenda.
  • Confirm that your Title, objective, and time are correct on the Agenda.
  • Practice!
  • Contact a mentor to get feedback on your speech, and adjust it before the meeting.

Before The Meeting:

  • Give your manual to your Evaluator, show them which speech they are evaluating, and tell them if there are any specifics you want them to look for.

During the Meeting:

  • Keep your eye on the timer. Be prepared to wrap up quickly when you get the yellow signal.
  • Have fun!
  • Get your manual back from your Evaluator at the end of the meeting.

Time Management:

  • Preparation is the key to staying on time.
  • Watch the timer for minimum time and be prepared to wrap up quickly when you see the yellow flag.
  • Stop speaking when you see the red flag.

Speaker Resources:
Speaker Introduction Form
Five Things To Know About Public Speaking
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