Officer Duties

Club President: 

  • Recognize member achievements in TM and personal lives
  • Oversee plan to achieve Distinguished Club goals
  • Attend Officer training
  • Attend/vote club’s proxy at District Council meetings
  • Schedule/Chair Monthly Officer meeting
  • Prepare successor for office

Vice President, Education: 

  • Attend officer training
  • Plan club meetings
  • Complete schedules and assignments
  • Promote participation in the programs
  • Get commitment from members to achieve awards
  • Orient new members to the TM program
  • Assign mentors
  • Prepare successor for office

Vice President, Membership: 

  • Attend officer training
  • Conduct membership drives/programs
  • Follow-up on guests, new members and members not attending meetings
  • Explain the educational program
  • Collect dues and fees
  • Prepare successor for office

Vice President, Public Relations: 

  • Attend officer training
  • Promote club – local media
  • Prepare club newsletter
  • Maintain club websites
  • Assist VP Membership as needed
  • Announce upcoming events or programs
  • Prepare successor for office


  • Attend officer training
  • Maintain accurate membership roster – provide to treasurer upon submission of dues
  • Mail club officer list to World Headquarters
  • Handle general club correspondence
  • Maintain club files – including minutes, charter, and correspondence
  • Order club supplies
  • Prepare successor for office


  • Attend officer training
  • Prepare a budget to be approved by officers
  • Provide bank with new signature card
  • Prepare/send dues statements
  • Collect and send dues to World Headquarters
  • Submit new member applications and dues to World Headquarters
  • Pay bills as due
  • Keep records of financial transactions
  • Prepare quarterly financial reports
  • Prepare successor for office

Sergeant at Arms: 

  • Attend officer training
  • Maintain club equipment and supplies
  • Arrange room for the meeting
  • Clean room after meeting
  • Prepare successor for office

Additional Roles that can be invented. They are not official officer roles, but allow overworked officers to get a break, and give members opportunities to get involved and learn something about being an officer. Ideas include:

  • Assistant VPE
  • Mentor Coordinator (could be done by Assistant VPE)
  • Assistant SAA
  • Video Technician
    • Uploads videos to YouTube.

Officer Terms

Each July, the club elects new officers. No matter where you are in your career, or what field you are in, being an officer of your club is one of the best ways to get the most out of your experience in Toastmasters while serving others. The success of the club is based on those who put in time to assess, plan, administer, and guide the membership forward to meet their goals, and maintain and grow the club for future members.